Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trip around the lake

In as much as Devin and I are leaving Bear Lake in less than a week, we decided we should drive around the lake because we hadn't! It was about an hour long drive but the view was great! Even though this picture wasn't taken at the prettiest spot, the picture still doesn't do it justice!

The Demolition Derby!!!

This was my first trip to the Demolition Derby! After hiking through all the dusty dirt we were able to weasel our way onto the packed bleachers! It was a blast...and very entertaining! So this won't be our last...especially because Devin is now convinced that as soon as we can afford a truck and a flat-bed trailer he'll be driving in the derby!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hobby Cat Adventures

So the other day Devin and I went down to the beach with Norm and Rob ( one of the girls that works at the Motor Lodge husband). I instantly regretted not having my camera! We took the hobby cat down with the four wheeler to take it out on the lake. For those of you who don't know what a hobby cat is, it is a miniature sailboat. It has to pontoons with a tramp-like-thing that you sit on in the middle, then there is a huge main sail and then a front sail. The most people you want to put on it at a time is about three or so. The day before Norm took Devin and myself out on it and taught us how to sail it!! It was a rush! I've never had so much fun!!! Let's just say next summer if we're going to do what we can to get our own. So anyways, back to my story. Norm took Rob out on the hobby cat first because he had never been on one. (side note....the wind was a little crazy that day so Devin went down to borrow a jet ski just in case we needed it....) While Norm and Rob were out Devin let me ride around on the jet ski. We only have one life jacket so I went by myself. The wind was so wild I thought I was going to flip the whole time, so it was a short ride. When they got back Norm let Devin and Rob go out just the two of them...keep in mind this is the second day Devin and been on one and the first for Rob. They went out quite a ways and then came back. On their second trip out they were "flying a hole" which is tipping the hobby cat onto one pontoon. Let's just say it went badly and the whole hobby cat flipped! I'm sitting on the beach with my wide eyes and my mouth hanging open waiting for two heads to pop up, with a sigh of relief they both came up while Norm took the jet ski out the save the day! About thirty minutes later they finally got it up right! When they got back Devin jumped off without his swim suit on...apparently the hobby ripped it off of him...luckily he had under armor on under his suit!! It was a crazy day at the beach and I'm bummed I didn't have my camera!

Most random slideshow ever! ( I just learned how to do them so I got carried away:))

Wedding Pics (minus the ones where we look goofy:)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Playing at the beach when Ben, Kate, Kristen and little Alexandria came to visit!

Building our sandcastles! The girls against the boys...pretty sure the girls won...look at that castle how could we not win!

Devin showing off his amazing skimming skills!!