Monday, November 2, 2009

hAlLoWeEn fUn

Devin and I dressed up as Barbie and Ken for Halloween! It was a lot of fun dressing up with him! I've decided I like doing couples costumes! But I'd better start thinking of something for next year...I'm not good at coming up with creative ideas haha!
We did two rounds of pumpkin carving this year! We did our annual pumpkin carving contest with the family. Tyler was the winner and he deserved it because he spent lots of time on details! It was a ton of fun I love Halloween!

This was my pumpkin I carved with the family!

This one was Devin's! I have I say I was really impressed with his pumpkin he came up with all the whole thing on the spot and it looked really cool!

We also had a fun date with some friends and carved pumpkins as well! It was a lot of fun! You can never carve too many pumpkins around Halloween!