Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday was our two year anniversary! I can't believe that Devin and I have serisouly already been married for two years! (Unfortunately this means that everyone is getting on our case about having kids! My mom can't get enough grandchildren and Cindy is dying to get one!) We both had work yesterday so we celebrated on saturday! I felt bad because Devin had some fun plans that got ruined by the rain but we still had a great day! We went up and spent the day in Salt Lake. Enjoyed some shopping, one of our favorite activities! Then we went to dinner at Tacanos...yum! After dinner we went to the Planetarium and watch an IMAX movie in 3D which was really cool! Basically we just got to hang out all day just the two of us and I loved every second of it!! Sorry once we got to SLC I realized the camera batteries were dead so no pictures this time! But I promise to get better at posting more often! I guess I'll leave a little run down on life for us lately becuase I have been neglecting our little blog. We have been super busy, we just moved out of our apartment and are living with Devin's family for the summer. Everyone thinks that it is so dreadful moving in with family but Devin and I have loved it! It's nice saving rent and having a big kitchen to cook in and always having someone to play with. The only thing I haven't worked out yet is getting Lucy to stop shedding. Haha! Devin is doing an internship at Novell this summer and working for Dad part time. I am working at Primrose Retreat in Spanish Fork so if anyone needs their hair done or wants a lovely day at the spa let me know! Our summer is going to be full of working but we are hoping to get away to Bear Lake and Fish Lake a couple of times and of coarse the famous Brady family reunion! So hopefully I'll have more to blog about soon!