Monday, July 27, 2009


Saturday was Devin's 23rd birthday! My cute hubby is getting so big! We have spent all weekend celebrating!! Devin is so spoiled I let him open his presents late Friday night because he went on a bike ride with a bunch of family at 6 in the morning on Saturday! He got lots of fun accessories for his bike and some clothes! Unfortunately I couldn't get school off on Sat but we were still able to go to the Spanish Fork Rodeo that night! Then Sunday he had 2 birthday with my parents and one with his family! We were going to go to the zoo for our little date but haven't found time yet so we are going to go next week sometime so instead we are going to make a cute dinner together just the two of us! I'm so grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing husband! Devin is the most incredible man I know! He is so loving, hardworking and selfless! I know I said he is spoiled but he spoils me more than anything just by how much love he shows me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

One Accomplishment After another!

I am very proud to say that even though it doesn't show quite yet I'm starting to get into better shape! While up in bear lake Devin and I rode a half century on our bikes! Basically we rode all the way around Bear Lake! Yes Kara actually biked 50 miles with only having to stop twice. I thought I was going to die because the first 25 miles were all up and down hill...I'm very proud of Devin for putting up with my complaining at first but once my legs warmed up I had a blast! I also ran a 5k with Kate during Lavender Days! Unfortunately I realized I do not love the smell of lavender it kinda made me sick while I was running! But I made it to the end and am excited to get into better shape to do another one! I am really going to miss the warm summer days because I am more motivated to exercise when it is warm outside! I'm am getting into biking these days though with Devin, who is REALLY getting into it! He is basically a pro already with all the fancy gear! I'm excited to watch how much I will be able to improve!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Date Night

Friday night Cami and Marc had us over for a BBQ! It was delicious! They went way out and my tummy was very pleased! Then we went to an Owl's baseball game which was fun! It was the first one I'd been to in a games just scream summer to me so it felt good! After the game we went to Nickle Cade! funny huh! It was kind of random and totally spontaneous but we had so much fun! I forgot how much fun it is!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Devin and I went up to Bear Lake for the 4th of July! We couldn't wait to go! We've missed it so much and I have to say I love that place so much more when I'm there on vacation instead of working! ;) We had a weekend full of adventure and excitement!
My top ten favorite adventures were:

-Paint Ball war with sling shots
-Fireworks in Evanston
-Paddling out into the middle of the Lake in a kiddie pool
-Magic Carpet ride (Devin and his cousin Adam pulling each on a piece of carpet behind the 4-wheeler on the beach)
-Walks on the Beach
-Sunday on the Sailboat
-Watching the boys try and catch carp in the marina
-Going for bike rides on the beach cruiser
-Mario Kart on the Wii
-Getting some sun...we all know I need it!