Thursday, March 24, 2011

When it Rains it POURS

If you are an avid follower of you'll know at least two things about Kara and I:

1 - In the last 2 1/2 years I never have posted a single thing on the blog...until today.

2 - About three weeks ago the late Nissan Maxima (our one and only car) was sold to a body shop after it got rear-ended on the freeway. Woof.

Since the tragic loss of the Nissan we have been borrowing cars from both of our parents which, luckily, hasn't been bad. Although we have spent hours looking for a new car we haven't found anything we like at a price that we can afford. I'm way to picky. It has been a nightmare and to add to our sad story...

On the way home from a car lot last night my dad an I happened upon a nasty wreck on 1-15 in American Fork. We were about 2 minutes behind the accident and got caught in traffic about 50 feet away from a rolled semi-truck.

Twenty feet ahead of us was a car with it's emergency lights on that looked like it was backing down the shoulder of the freeway right next to us. I thought to myself "Oh, someone stopped to help and now they are moving out of the nice." About 4 seconds later I said to my dad, "He better turn or he is going to hit us" and I began to honk on the horn. Another 2.3 seconds later the car was 4 feet away and we, pinned in traffic, came to the realization that no one was in the car. Curse words #1, 2, & 3.

Two hours and a lot of flashing lights later, I had my 2nd accident report in less than 3 weeks and my dad's Corolla had a nice dent in the door.

When it rains it pours, and needless to say there is a gloomy gray cloud of curse words hanging over American Fork.

So here are 10 take aways from the last three weeks:
1 - ALWAYS set your park brake or leave your car in gear when you get out of it...especially on slight inclines. That one seems pretty obvious...but just in case.
2 - New cars are way over-rated because the car that hits you is always in worse shape.
3 - IF you are pinned in traffic, a car is rolling backwards right at you, and its reverse lights aren't on...there probably isn't anyone in the car and you are screwed.
4 - No amount of caution can keep you out of some accidents.
5 - Whiplash is so much worse than it sounds. Really though.
6 - 95% of the cars on KSL are either overpriced or wrecked.
7 - Good insurance is worth every penny.
8 - Asking "why me?" is a horrible idea because it may just happen again so that you can find out.
9 - Firefighters use kitty-litter to clean up oil/gas spills.
10 - People that text and drive and follow to close, literally give me nightmares. I'm not joking.

After all is said and done, I'm just happy that no one has been seriously hurt in any of the accidents. It's honestly a miracle. Drive safe :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Birthday's

Birthday's galore for the Brady's!
We just got to celebrate Alex and Kristen's birthdays. And as our pictures will show...we had some CRAZY fun! Thursday we went to Tyler and Kristen's for Alex's 3rd birthday party! Then Friday we threw Kristen a party at mom and dad's! We tried to incorporate all of Kristen's favorite things food...and lots of laugh's! After a jazzy photo shoot we went on our mini version of The Amazing Race. Krist, Ty & I were on a team ( the winning team might I add :)) and we raced against Benjamin, Kate & Devin!
It was so fun, I just love my family!

Team T Double K! We mean business!

Team BDK! They put up a good fight!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

carless in provo


There is a tear in my eye and it's sad to say...this is all that we have left from the maxima! (I don't know how the license plate survived) It was our first car! We bought it together right after we got engaged! As much as that car was a pain in the butt it was a great car and will be missed! I was surprised to hear Devin say that he was really sad to see it go! (He and the maxima had a love hate relationship!)
Devin got in a bad wreck on the freeway last week. The cars in front of him stopped and so did he but unfortunately the car behind him didn't see, so the kid that hit Devin was going about 65 when he hit! Devin is doing okay...he is still sore but is fine! The Body Shop said it was going to cost more to fix then the poor maxima is worth. So instead we had to say our good byes! So now we are officially carless...and we thought having one car was sucky! HA! What a week!