Friday, September 18, 2009


This past weekend Devin and I went with his family to watch his uncle ride in LOTOJA! It's a big bike race that starts in Logan and ends in Jackson Hole! So we went and rode in the support car. Along the race there are designated stops for feed stations and you meet your biker on the road and give them new water bottles and all this energizing stuff that looks disgusting! It was fun to watch all the guys who ride it pretty seriously. They don't stop at the feed stations they just ride through, so their crazy wives hold a bag out for them to grab and stand there screaming their names, it was entertaining! Devin wants to ride in it next year so we'll see if I have to be one of those crazy wives...lets hope not! But it was really fun to get away for a few days and I love Jackson Hole so it was fun to shop around a little before heading home!!

Two Whole Years!

Devin and I had our first date exactly two years ago on the 15th!! Crazy huh! I can't believe it has been that long but yet I feel like I've known that cute boy forever! To celebrate we went and rode the Sundance moonlight ride because that's where Devin took me for our first date! We had so much fun! I'm one lucky girl!