Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yes it was my birthday! I love birthdays I'm not going to lie. This year was so much fun! Devin was able to "work from home" (not much work was done...but i couldn't help that) We woke up bright and early and went to the temple, which was a great way to start my birthday! Then we went to Kneaders for breakfast! When we got home Devin did a little bit of work! For lunch Devin's dad took us to lunch at Applewood BBQ and it was super good! Oh the fun didn't stop there! My family threw an awesome party for Kate and I! Kristen was the mastermind behind our party. Her and my mom did an awesome job with food and games and decorations! We had a Hawaiian extravaganza! Aside from the 10 pounds I gained the week of my birthday everything was great!!

The Birthday Girls!!!

On Saturday Devin wanted to throw me a birthday party! He invited all my friends over and made homemade Cafe Rio salads with lots of yummy drinks. Then we played fun games until we were all wore out!! It was a blast and it was so fun getting together with everyone!!

Taryn kept winning all the prizes!! I think it was her teacher skills that helped her out on that one!!