Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Candy Time at the Brady's!

Every year for Christmas we make homemade chocolates. It is a long
process. First we have to make the fondant which is the soft candy
that we later dip in chocolate. Mmm my mouth is already watering!
First we have to cook the candy. Until it reaches the right temperature.Then we have to poor it out onto the marble slab! When we
were little they would poor a little into the corner so that we
could each some without attacking the candy. We each would
get our own spoon for taking our samples!:)Then we have to let it cool down!Once it's cooled we get to stir it! You have to stir forever
until it decides to turn consistency. Once it turns we
add coloring and flavor. Typically we do a batch of mint,
orange, olympian cream (kind of carmelly). Sometimes we
do cherry, chocolate, coconut and so on. For some reason Ben decided he needed to pout while
we were making the fondant!Here are the two woman who know what their doing. Grandma
could probably make fondant with her eyes closed! We usually do
it with Aunt Sandy's familybut this year we split up the days
so that we weren't doing 20 batches at once!

Pretty soon it'll be up to all of the girls to carry on this tradition!
I had to talk my mom into doing it this year! Pretty soon it'll
probably be Me, Kristen, Kate, Nat, Steph Jamie and Jerica
caring on the tradition! That is if we can keep everyone
in the same state! I know mom, grandma and aunt Sandy
are looking forward to the day that they get to sit around
and watch us do the work haha!

I took this picture for Jamie! I knew you would appreciate this
more than anyone else this year! Jamie is busy playing in
the sun in the Cayman Islands so she didn't get to make the
candy with us this year, she just gets to enjoy the yummy
results! This is the scrap bowl that makes everyone sick to
their stomach because it is impossible to resist!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Utah Jazz Game!

On Friday Devin and I went to the Jazz game with Taryn and
Troy. It was tonsof fun! There was a little bit of traffic but we made
on time for tip off!

Plus the Jazz won the game! I was a little disappointed with t
he Jazz dancers,
however. All they did was dance in a circle the whole
time and occasionally did something together
So Taryn and I were a
little bummed because, lets be honest here, my favorite

part of sporting events is the half time and quarter break performances

So the Jazz bear was shooting t-shirts from the court and
we caught one!!! Now you have to realize we had been trying
to get stuff thrown to us all night by the people going up and
down the isles. It wasn't until the bear shot us a shirt
from the actual court floor! Plus we were in the nose bleed
section and had to kinda had to fight the kids in front of
us for it...in a good way! Taryn loved the shirt so she had to
model it for us! Plus she is going to be stoked that she is
on the famous Devin and Kara blog!

Here we are at the game! Troy was hiding behind Devin
in the picture! So his knee made a debut for us!! It was so
much fun! The people around us probably thought that
Taryn and I were on a date and that Devin and Troy were
on one. It was kind of a girls and guys night out only...together!
Whatever it was it was a blast!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Arch is finally here!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Time With Paul Mitchell Girls!

We had a Halloween Party at school and we all got to dress up!
These are a few of the girls in my class!

We had Pocahontas, a witch, I was a pirate, then there was
Bell, and a leopard!

Devin and I went on a group date with some of my friends from
school. We went to dinner and then carved pumpkins! It was tons of fun!