Wednesday, February 29, 2012

oh hey.....

I feel I have been treating my blog like an awkward friend from the past. Someone that you have not seen in forever. It has been so long that when you randomly do see this person you avoid making eye contact (like you really didn't see them).When you do happen to engage in coversation it is awkward. You just don't know what to say. So much life has happened that you don't know how to catch up. You feel like you are a different person since the last time you spoke to them and so you don't know how you'll get along any more.

I'm sorry blog I have been avoiding you! The first step is admiting it!

I can't make any promises. I could say I'll be a better blogger...but let's face it, I probably won't. But I'll try!

XOXO ~ Kara
(yeah...too much Gossip Girl this week)