Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paul MItchell Graduation

I did it! I am finally done with hair school! So if any of you need your hair done let me know! Graduation was fun. Everyone did a model! I had Lyndsey one of my teachers be my model! We colored and styled her hair and they did a little fashion show at our graduation!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

edward or jacob?

My friend Sarah and her sister hosted the best New Moon party!! All my friends from school went and had a blast! We had some awesome food, took pictures with Edward, and watched Twilight before we left for the midnight premier of New Moon! Which was the BEST movie ever! I don't think that since I was actually 13 I have felt that giggly and giddy! We were all torn all night trying to decide if we were team Edward or Jacob! Very hard decision haha! I sure can't wait until Eclipse comes out!

Our Team Edward shirts!

We loved Jacob too though...couldn't leave him out!

We got all glammed up for the night!

Me and Kenz...miss her!