Monday, March 9, 2009

I've Found My Match!

So a few years back I realized that I was exceptionally good at leg wrestling. We came to this conclusion when I was able to beat my brothers, minus Sam who would probably win right of the bat....but I'll just tell people he is too scared to try! So over the past few years I have wrestled and won all of our guys friends that I met down at Snow and my adorable Husband. (Don't tell anyone though Devin is a little sensitive about the losing to a girl part) :) So when I became friend with Kenzie we both were randomly talking about it and apparently we were both undefeated champs. So this last Saturday we were having a game night and decided that we needed to wrestle each other. Well lets just say...I finally found my match. Kenzie won...she said I put up a good fight but lets be honest...She is one tough girl!!! So I am not undefeated anymore, but at least I can still beat all the men I know!!


I have been bugging Devin to take me to the ballet for quiet a while now! He hasn't been to excited about it and is really good at avoiding it! So lucky me, Devin had to go to a show for one of his classes so I finally got to go to the ballet! My friend from school, Kenzie, came with Devin and I! It was so much fun! The production was a double feature of Romeo and Juliet and West side story! Both were really good. I think I liked West side story better because it was a little more upbeat! They had Romeo and Juliet as the second half of the show so Devin, along with a group of guys sitting next to us that had come to support a friend all fell asleep. It was hilarious! Kenzie and I couldn't stop laughing! We tried to get a picture but it was too dark and we couldn't turn the flash on! So I was able to see the ballet and Devin was able to have a great nap so we both came out happy!!