Tuesday, September 14, 2010

petal to the medal

For the last 3 weekends we have been out of town! We have spent many hours on the road! It's been tons of fun and I'm sad to see the adventures end and to go back to work! But life must go on! Our first adventure was up to Logan. Devin and his dad, uncle, and cousin rode in a century bike race (100 miles around Cache County)!

Our next adventure was over Labor day, we went down to Devin's family's cabin in Fish Lake. We had Drew's eagle court of honor there as well as went fishing in freezing cold weather, went hiking, skipping rocks at the lake, eating our body weight in treats, star gazing, avoiding ticks, eating more treats, and many more adventures.

Then our adventures end with LOTOJA. A 200 mile bike race from Logan to Jackson Hole. Devin's uncle Norm rode in it and Devin was so sad that he didn't sign up early enough to ride. Our job was "support". We drove the bike route, stopping at the feed stations to give Norm food and new water bottles, all together we stopped 3 times and then met him at the finish! He did the race under 10 hours, his best time in 6 years! Then we stayed over night in Jackson Hole, which I love! While we were there there was a Taste of Jackson Festival with food tasting and booths. It was fun to walk around town. On our way out of town we stopped at the Snake river to dangle our toes and eat lunch! Unfortunately before we got out of Wyoming Devin's aunt's car broke down. So we had quite the adventure cramming 10 people and way too much stuff into the an already bursting at the seams SUV! We had lots of laughs and lots of whining, but we made it back in one piece and had a blast along the way!