Thursday, October 23, 2008

hApPy hAlLoWeEn!!

This Wednesday I didn't have school, so we took advantage of the free night and carved pumpkins with the family! First of all everyone needs to understand that Dad grew all of the pumpkins that we carved and they were all huge. Mine was not even the biggest and it took Devin and my dad to carry it to the porch. I pratically had to crawl into it to get all the guts out.
As most of you might know our dearest Katharine is having "lil' Arch" soon and we are all hoping that she has him on Halloween because Alex was born on St. Patricks day. So for Ben's pumpkin he carved an amazing stork carrying "lil' Arch" in a blanket. It's adorable. Kristen finally prefected she scary yet very cleaver jack-o-lantern. Kate did a Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin. Devin carved three pumpkins into his pumpkin. Dad did a great jack-o-lantern as well and then I did a silly face that took me FOREVER to carve.
It was one of our events in a decathlon we have been doing for the past few weeks! It's been a blast! We chose 10 events and the winner gets a prize! Most of our events were some sort of boardgame. We decided to spice it up and had pumpkin carving and a bake-off for two of the events. Unfortunately the decathlon is drawing to an end but it has been so much fun! Not to mention getting to know everyone's true competitive side...except for Ben's....whose competitive side is already known to all! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay 7 weird or random things about me....where do I begin:
1. So my life could be described with weird or random but I guess one thing is that I don't know why but I always get hiccups. Now these aren't just your average hiccups, I'm talking about the intense, take your breath away, body convulsing hiccups!! And they always seem to last longer than they should and come at the most opportune moments!

2. I am very talented at crossing my eyes. Yeah I know...random! You could ask my friends they will all testify that in almost every "funny-face" picture we've ever taken I've done some sort of face with my eyes crossed! Plus I can cross only one eye at a time. I don't mean I can look to the side so that one eye is in the middle and one isn't. I mean I can have one looking directly at something while the other one is looking at my nose!

3. Kinda gross, but I have an addiction to popping zits! I'm one of those people that can't just pop one zit and walk away from the mirror! I find any and every pop-able mound on my face and spend forever with my face in the mirror popping them all. It's usually about the time that Devin is asking me if I'm okay because I have been silent for 20 minutes that I realize it's time to stop haha!

4. I've always wanted to be a twin! Growing up I had this secret desire to be a twin and I don't really know why! Maybe it's because I was an only girl, but I don't think that is really it because I wouldn't have cared if my twin was a girl or boy! I mean honestly it's like having a best friend that can sleep over all the time and (if it was a girl) your wardrobe would double! I do understand, however, that it's not easy being a twin, but it was my dream! I am 100% happy though not being a twin!!

5. I absolutely hate tomatoes! The funny thing is I've tried to like them. I think they look delicious. But let's be honest, they smell and taste nasty! I do, however, love salsa and ketchup. So I have no idea why I hate them because when I see them I try to eat one, thinking that this time it will taste good. But never works...they are disgusting!

6. I have a new obsession with taking pictures. So I've convinced Devin that I need a really nice camera! Unfortunately I have to wait until Christmas now. But I'm super excited! I love taking nature shots and playing around with different angles and views! As weird as it sounds my favorite thing is to look through the camera and watch the camera focus on different objects. Seriously if you've never done this before try it! It is just cool watching one object stand out from the rest while everything else goes blurry and then changing it up!

7. I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to eating certain things. Things like M&M's, skittles, fruit snacks, or anything that has a variety of color. I have to divide each handful by color. Then I have to eat off of the bigger piles first, just until all the piles have the same amount. Then I eat one from each pile so that at the end I have one of each color left. Then with the next handful I start all over!:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our trip to Fish Lake!

My favorite picture that we took! It was so pretty
up there with the fall leaves.

Over conference weekend we went to Devin's family's
cabin in Fish Lake! This is the whole gang minus Cindy
who took the picture of us.

Devin and I were determined to go fishing because
we bought fishing licenses. Unfortunately it was
snowing so the fishing didn't last long and we didn't
catch a single fishy:(
...When the fishing was a let down and it
stopped snowing, we decided to try a new
activity. We went and pushed over all the
dead trees in the area.Holly and I decided to give it a try!