Saturday, February 6, 2010


My Birthday was this past week! It was fun because I felt like it really lasted all week because we celebrated Monday to Friday! Monday night we went to dinner with Devin's family! Then Wed was my actual birthday. Devin woke me up early and gave me my presents and took me to Kneaders for breakfast...yum! Then Kristen made lunch for me and Kate because it was Kate's birthday too! She made a delicious recreation of Cafe Rio pork salad! Then Thursday night we had dinner at mom and dad's with the fam and it was quite the feast! We had soup and bread bowls with yummy bread sticks and cheese fondue and for dessert instead of cake we did chocolate fondue! (Lets just say I got the wonderful gift of probably 5 extra pounds as well haha) Then Friday night Devin took me out to dinner and then we went and say the new Movie "When in Rome!" I've been really bad at taking pictures so sorry but my cute husband did get a pic of me on my new beach cruiser that I got! So now I just want summer to come even worse! But to sum it all up I had an amazing birthday! I have the most amazing husband and family in the world! Thanks everyone for such a great week!!